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About HM Tracker Design

What is this app about? Short introduction

This app presented a new progressive and revolutionary way for optimizing trackers with arbitrary design and geometry. It is based on linear optimization and implemented as a custom-built finite element library. Stress and buckling (lateral and local) validations are performed in conformity to Eurocode EN 1993-1-1 - Design of steel structures. Wind load assumptions are taken from the wind tunnel studies of Peterka and Derickson and applied as non uniform load distributions on the tracker surface. Additional national standards can be considered by setting appropriate safety factors for wind and dead load.

The results of the performed finite element analysis can be used to determine the weight of a heliostat or solar tracker for a given geometrical and environmental boundary condition.

It can assist the work of researchers, design engineers and renewable energy investors or can be used as a convenient and quick-reference manual.

HM Tracker Design Key Features

To perform a preliminary design of a heliostat or solar tracker
following parameters have to be set:

Safety factors

Dead load
Wind load

Geometrical parameters

Tracker design
Structure width and height

Module properties

Self weight of
PV panels or glass mirrors

Tracker geometry

Circular or hexagonal

Load cases

Elevation Positions
Wind Directions

Site dependent factors

Wind velocity
Array factor

Material properties

Steel grade according to
EN 10025

Application Workflow

  • Select tracker

    Choose support structure
    Set safety concept
    Specify geometry parameters

  • Run Computation

    Define wind speed
    Select elevation positions and wind directions
    Start finite element analysis

  • Model Visualisation

    Heliostat elevation positions
    min./max. Principal stresses
    min./max. Structure deflections

  • Send results

    Create bill of material
    Summarize forces acting on the drives
    Send as PDF

News and Publications

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AIP Publishing - "Advanced Structural Optimization of a Heliostat with Cantilever Arms"

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Chang is in the Air

Promotion in Apple's iPad Air 2 advertising campaign - "Change is in The Air"


IEEE Conference Publication – "Design optimization of PVPP with solar trackers"

SolarPACES 2013

Energy Procedia Publication - "CSP and PV Solar Tracker Optimization Tool"


Watt-Tracker used HM Tracker Design to calculate the wind loading and verify the structural design.

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